Tom's advice for X Factor group

5. února 2011 v 19:58 | Adélka love Tom |  Tom Parker
The Wanted

One Direction need to 'keep their feet on the ground' and 'respect each other' if they are to succeed in the music business, says The Wanted's Tom Parker.
When asked by if he had any advice for the X Factor group, the 22-year-old from Bolton said: "Don't let it get to them. Just respect each other and each other's wishes. When we first got into the band... obviously we're five really different characters and we worked each other out really quickly. And it's the same for them boys.
"They've been thrown together. Obviously everyone's got a different personality and you've got to respect each other's preferences and wishes and not step over the line with each other."
He also admitted that he's got a couple of favourites this year. "I think Matt's gonna win it. I think (Cher's) gonna grow. She's a bit timid at the moment but I think she'll do really well."

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